2016/09/28 Bilbao 6th Syrnemo Progress Meeting - Final Meeting
SyrNemo end date has been reached and the project is heading to its final conclusion on time. The last project semester has seen the consortium focused on the operations of the motor prototypes in the Hardware-in-the-Loop laboratories of Tecnalia. Final test results show that the drive system efficiency is 92% on the NEDC and 89% on the WLTC, with motor peak efficiency is measured at 96% with system peak efficiency beyond 92%. The final assessment of the proposed motor design shows how it can evaluated based on two key-performance parameters, i.e. the machine constant of mechanical power and the torque density. These two parameters have been calculated for the SyrNemo machine design, either in air-cooled and liquid-cooled configuration. The liquid cooled design results to be the best-in-class design among the 2016 state-of-the-art rare-earths free PMaSYRM. This result proves the quality of the presented design as well as the potential for further improvements, thus enabling the presented machine to constitute a key enabling technology for next generation electrified vehicles. syrnemo photo of participants of the 6th and final progress meeting
2016/04/28 Bruxelles 5th Syrnemo Progress Meeting
SyrNemo 30th months is passed, and in the last 6 months the two complete prototypes of the motor have been manufactured, successfully passing the End-of-Line tests. Prototype #1 has been shipped to Tecnalia, while prototype #2 has been shipped to AIT for preliminary functional test. In May/June 2016 Tecnalia will setup test-bench and test Prototype #1 according to the test-plan agreed among the partners in March 2016. Later on in July Prototype #2 will also be shipped to Tecnalia, to repeat the test matrix and benchmark the results. The fifth semester has also seen the delivery of the results from the LCA analysis and the total cost of ownership analysis, while the project is heading to its end and the consortium is focusing on the industrial exploitation of the results.
2015/11/04 Lustenau 4th Syrnemo Progress Meeting
SyrNemo has now passed its second year, and the design of the SYRM machine has been finalised and delivered. The consortium is now busy with the manufacturing of the two prototypes of the SyrNemo drive (WP4) to initiate the testing phase at the beginning of 2016 (WP5). The 4th progress meeting is held in Lustenau, kindly hosted and organised by Thien eDrives, where the prototypes of the housing, stator, rotor and power electronics have been presented for the first time. syrnemo photo of participants of the 4th progress meeting
2015/05/05 Graz 3rd SyrNemo Progress Meeting
SyrNemo reached its mid-term review, and the partners presented their respective advances, discussing the finalisation of the WP3 activities and approaching the release of the final motor design and technical specifications of the SYRM technology. The meeting was held in Graz, kindly hosted and organised by AVL, together with the social consortium dinner and the visit to the AVL’s testing facilities.
2014/10/29 Hannover 2nd SyrNemo Progress Meeting
Since the production of the future SyrNemo Motor is an important aspect, the SyrNemo partners had the opportunity to visit the production facility of Continental for the Renault Z.E tractions motors in Gifhorn. During the subsequent progress meeting, the results of the first year as well as manufacturing technology aspects and their impact on the final design were reviewed. syrnemo photo of participants of the 2nd progress meeting
2014/03/20 Bologna 1st SyrNemo Progress Meeting
After the successful workshop on Electromobility, the SyrNemo partners gathered at the University of Bologna in order to review the first period of the SyrNemo project. The compiled deliverables as well the next steps in the SyrNemo motor design process were discussed. syrnemo photo of participants of the 1st progress meeting
2014/01/28 Hannover Kick-Off-Meeting – WP 3 ”Next generation Motor Design“
The Leibnitz university of Hannover hosted the Kick-Off-Meeting for WP3. The involved partners discussed the first steps, interfaces and responsibilities towards the SyrNemo next generation motor design. The defined key parameters, the construction and measurement of functional models as well as the preliminary prototype construction boundaries were also on the agenda. syrnemo syrnemo photo of participants of the work package 3 kickoff meeting
2013/10/08 Vienna Successful Kick-Off-Meeting
On October 8th and 9th, 2013, the SyrNemo-Kick-Off-Meeting was held at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Vienna. Representatives from all 8 partners from 5 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain), as well as the responsible Scientific Project Officer were attending the very successful meeting. syrnemo photo of participants of the kick off meeting